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9:15 - 10:00 am Every Sunday, alternating with these 2 programs:

  • Hymn sing with our pianist
  • Bible Study with Pastor Jennifer

10:00 am Combined Service (a mix of contemporary and traditional)


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Friendly People, Worship Variety, Community Outreach

We're living in the questions.  Life brings us so many!  Logical questions. Ethical choices. Intuitive feelings which can barely be described by words.  They are all part of being human, and of interacting with the Divine.

At Solebury United Methodist Church, we journey together, exploring the questions and enjoying the process!  We share how God has been at work in and around our lives and experience God's presence as we worship. We study Bible passages, considering their literary and historical context, as well as the timeless message the Spirit gives us to help answer life's questions.  We share art and dialog with our area's visual and performing artists.

Inspiration and creation!

Jeremiah 18 describes the writer observing a potter in his/her community, working at a wheel.  The potter is one of his neighbors, an artisan on whom people depend.  The young man's intuition suggests that God shapes and re-shapes the faith community in the same way.  What a wonderful image!

How is God shaping us now?  How is God shaping you?  Are we allowing the creation to happen?  Come, let us share the questions together!

What We Do

Solebury United Methodist Church reaches out with the word of God by serving those in our local community in western NJ and eastern PA and by serving those beyond our local community.

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What Keeps Us Going

Our Vision is to know Jesus Christ, to grow as His people and to lead others to embrace Him.

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