Welcome from our Pastor:

I have read a number of welcome letters from Pastors of different denominations and they all focus on telling you that you are welcome at their church. That should be true of any church and certainly is true at Solebury United Methodist Church. I think you will find this welcome letter to be slightly different.


At Solebury UMC we believe in spreading the love of Christ throughout our community and the world. We pray with vigor and with joy. We make mistakes and ask forgiveness. We feed the hungry and attend to the needy. We try to live as Christ commands us and although we fall short, we know that redemption is found in Jesus Christ.


No matter where you are on your faith journey. You may have never attended a church or have been absent from church for a number of years, we will help you on your spiritual journey. Even those of you that have been lifelong church attendees will find us to be a place where you can grow in your relationship with Christ.


When Philip, one of Christ’s apostles tells his friend Nathaniel that he has found the one spoken about in the scripture, that is the Messiah, Nathaniel questions the validity of his friends statement. Philip’s response is “come and see”. That is the message we want you to think about. If you are looking for a church home or are troubled and looking for comfort; we invite you to “come and see” what Solebury United Methodist Church, through the power of our Savior, can do for you.


Wishing you the blessings of Christ,


Bob Irving, Pastor

Solebury United Methodist Church


PS: We meet Sundays at 10:00, come early and enjoy some refreshments!